Club at Mediterra Conserving Water with Irrigation Pilot Project

Vacation News » Vacation & Leisure Real Estate Edition | By Scott Kauffman | August 3, 2010 2:29 PM ET

(NAPLES, FL) -- At a time when sustainable development, eco-friendly, low-carbon footprint and green-friendly are modern-day buzzwords, residents at the upscale Club at Mediterra are being greeted with "Conserving Water" signs in the irrigated areas surrounding the main fountains in Mediterra. And many are wondering what exactly is this "Irrigation Pilot Project."

The short-grass areas have been retro-fitted with Water Conserving Tools, called Toro Precision Series Nozzles, which on average save approximately 35 percent of the water used by traditional irrigation nozzles. The water conservation comes in the form of a slower precipitation rate and more accuracy in the spray pattern which means less over-spray, misting and run-off. Also, the Toro Precision Series Nozzles (PSN) increase the water's distribution uniformity (Du) up to 80 percent, whereas traditional nozzles are rated at approximately 40 percent Du. 

Another factor in water conservation is that the PSNs deliver their pattern at a maximum of 30 degrees of trajectory, which helps to combat wind/environmental factors versus traditional nozzles.

Conserving water also means conserving money.  Although replacing traditional irrigation nozzles with Toro PSN is a one-time charge, Mediterra will enjoy the benefits of lower energy bills for years to come, not to mention playing a role in the conservation of water.

That allows them to enjoy their 36-hole Tom Fazio-designed private golf course community even more.

Mediterra members recognize the price of water will only continue to rise.

In Houston, water rates increased by five percent last year and will increase another seven percent this year. That's a whopping 12 percent in a two-year period.  Who knows what the future holds for potable water rates and freshwater supply, especially with the introduction of oil into the neighboring Gulf Coast due to the BP oil crisis.

Though the "Conserving Water" signs have been taken down, Mediterra continues to retro-fit traditional irrigation nozzles with the Toro Precision Series Nozzles, thus reducing the water consumption by 35 percent  in those spray zones.  Mediterra also has plans to convert the entire property to a more water-efficient irrigation system, and members can stay updated by reading their monthly community news.

The Club at Mediterra has already achieved national recognition as one of the top golf facilities in America.  It has been honored with the Environmental Leaders in Golf Award from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America and Golf Digest magazine and has been named by Golf Magazine as one of The 50 Best Golf Communities in America.

Mediterra has also been named one of the top 100 golf communities in America by Travel + Leisure Golf for four consecutive years and twice by Links magazine. It was the first-ever 36-hole course to earn Audubon International's Silver Signature Sanctuary status.

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