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According to STR's June 2016 Pipeline Report for Central and South America, over 66,352 hotel rooms in 417 projects Under Contract in the Central/South America region.

Miami's real estate market remains a top destination for foreign buyers despite economic slowdowns in Latin America and Western Europe.

Latin America is the most urbanized region of the world with nearly 80 percent of the population living in urban areas.

Quito, Ecuador, is a city of did-you-know's. For example, did you know that, at an altitude 0f 9,350 feet, it's the highest capital city in the world?

If there's a deeper, more-mysterious wilderness in the world than the Amazon River Basin, no one's found it yet.

Thinking of buying a second or third home overseas? Look no further than Ecuador. The Latin American country is currently the best overseas residential investment market for U.S. buyers.

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