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Some of the biggest hotel companies in the world have opened new facilities in Panama City in recent weeks.

100 days into the term of president Juan Carlos Varela, the real estate market is finding many reasons to applaud the new administration.

Grand Tower, the latest major project to be delivered in Punta Pacifica, has finally been issued its occupancy permit. The developer of the 55-story tower has started to notify owners to prepare for closings, which are expected to begin in December.

The increasing cost of healthcare in first-world countries has made medical tourism a thriving industry. Instead of traveling for sea views or mountain hiking, tourists are traveling for medical treatment.

Trump Ocean Club Panama is about to become the first Panama City project to offer a beach club on a private island. Both residents and guests of Trump Ocean Club will be able to take day trips to the beach club on Viveros Island.

The real estate market in Panama has reached a new level of luxury and exclusiveness. This small country with the ever growing skyline reminiscent of Miami now boasts Latin America's first man-made islands, the Ocean Reef development.

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