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Cycling tourism is a fast growing global business.

The small nation of Montenegro, one of Europe's newest countries, is attracting the attention of both holidaymakers and serious high rollers.

Getaway cities will deliver the best growth in the next five years.

A clash of titans-style showdown is developing on the lush waterfront hills of Montenegro, the former Yugoslavian republic. Two different developers are proudly boasting of building "the first 18-hole golf course in Montenegro."

Montenegro, a comparative dot on the Adriatic Sea in Southeastern Europe, is being touted by the World Travel & Tourism Council as potentially having the fastest growing tourism sector in the world over the next 10 years.

The Government of Montenegro recently announced the country will be getting its first PGA golf course development in Kavac, overlooking the Bay of Kotor. News of this major tourism magnet was made official when the State Council for Privatization and Capital Projects formally awarded a 90-year lease to Dutch consortium LPGD to build the region's first PGA golf complex at an investment value of 181 million Euros.

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