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Meet ALGO, Real Estate Agent of the Future

Meet ALGO, Real Estate Agent of the Future

An algorithm, or 'Algo' as it is called in the technology industry, is simply a set of computer coding instructions to execute an order, or set of commands. Algorithms are widely used today in places such as automated electronic stock trading platforms. Read More »

U.S. Home Builders Fire Back on Obama's Immigration Executive Order

U.S. Home Builders Fire Back on Obama's Immigration Executive Order

The U.S. home building industry did not like what President Obama had to say tonight on Immigration. Read More »

What Does the End of Quantitative Easing Mean for Real Estate Values?

What Does the End of Quantitative Easing Mean for Real Estate Values?

U.S. Federal Reserve announced the end to its quantitative easing. Read More »

Is Tokyo the New Miami?

Is Tokyo the New Miami?

What does Tokyo have in common with the Miami and Dubai property markets? A tidal wave of foreign property investment is flooding the market due to currency exchange rate fluctuations. Read More »

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Grand Tetons Wonderland - (Driggs, Idaho)

Grand Tetons Wonderland - (Driggs, Idaho)

Huntsman Springs is golf and club community developed by Jon Huntsman, Sr. A place of serenity and beauty in the hitherto undeveloped Teton Valley of Western Idaho. Read More »

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WPC News is pleased to announce a multi-year news syndication marketing partnership agreement with the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors (GTAR). The agreement is the latest step in an expansion campaign for WPC's News Syndication Service.

World Property Channel has launched our Chinese language property news site to accommodate the property information needs of China's massive and yet under-served real estate market.

The violent street protests that have rocked Turkey are rooted in years of political and religious tension.

Yesterday Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke addressed Congress' Joint Economic Committee, and delivered a surprising message of how quantitative easing is an unuseful tool and that a Fed tapering of liquidity could begin over the next two meeting sessions.

There has been a shift in the Panama property market, reflecting a phenomenon that is happening in real estate markets around the world. Finding high-end homes for sale is "growing increasingly difficult for foreigners,"

CNN recently focused on an interesting new phenomenon in Beijing-couples are getting divorced to buy more condos. The Chinese government recently started to enforce a 20 percent capital gains tax on any Chinese household for selling a second home.

Jobs data released today is welcome news for the U.S. housing sector. Jobs drive real estate markets and fears of a stalling economy based on prior month's disappointing job numbers has been weighing on the market.

The big investments funds are not always smarter or better than smaller investors. But every once in a while they spot opportunities that others miss. A prime example can be found in Europe, where funds are scooping up office projects undervalued by the market.

For the first time since 2007, more that 50 percent of Americans now believe U.S. home prices will go up in value in 2013, according to a new Gallup poll. This month clearly marks a tipping point for consumers.

It has been a hectic few months here at the World Property Channel. We've been revamping the site, adding important features and expanding staff. Today we sent out a press release formally announcing the changes.

An interesting phenomenon has developed in New York's property market, which operates differently than the rest of the world. Residential prices remain in the stratosphere, while office prices are still down to Earth.

As the rich get richer, Monaco's real estate market continues to flourish. The average price for a home in the principality is now at a record $3,700 per square-foot, double the prices in 2006, the Wall Street Journal recently reported.

World Property Channel columnist Dottie Herman, chief executive of Prudential Douglas Elliman, appeared on Fox Business on Monday to discuss the state of real estate in the United States.

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